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Double Enders

Double ended dildos are mainly used in lesbian relationships and they are available in may different sizes and colours. They are mainly realistic in shape at both ends, although there are a few different shaped double enders. The majority of these toys are didos or dongs and are non vibrating. However there are a few that are vibrating double enders.

BASIX 12 inch Double Dong

£23.95 £18.95

BASIX 16 inch Double Dong

£28.95 £23.95

Bend It Double Dong

£24.95 £13.95

Bendable Remote Double Dong

£32.95 £27.95

Double Delight Strap On

£44.95 £34.95

Double Juicer

£32.95 £26.95

Double Mini Dong

£14.95 £9.95