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Strap Ons

Strap Ons have increased in popularity greatly over the last few years. Although many people would probably associate lesbian couples with strap ons, these are now used in a variety of sexual relationships. The Hollow Strap On is very popular with men who have issues with their erections. Many heterosexual couples use strap ons with the female in the relationship penetrating the male. This act is know as pegging.

Alias Female Strap On

£19.95 £13.95

Bend Over Beginner

£71.99 £59.99

Crotchless Strap On

£39.95 £29.95

Double Delight Strap On

£44.95 £34.95

Feeldoe More

£99.95 £84.95

Feeldoe Original

£99.95 £79.95

Feeldoe Slim Vibrating

£89.95 £72.95