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Discreet Vibrators

Our Discreet Vibrators are really popular. Fantastic for travelling, or even for a night out, most of these pocket vibes will fit into your handbag! The vibrators in this category are either discreet in size or in shape. We have vibrators disguised as phones, lipstick and even nail polish! But one of our most popular is the Discretion Mini Vibe.

Crystal Clear Vibrators

£5.95 £3.45

Deluxe Ladyfinger Vibrator

£7.99 £4.99

Discretion Mini Vibe

£11.95 £6.95

DocJohnson GOVIBE

£7.95 £4.25

Handy Massager

£13.95 £10.95

Ladyfinger Vibrator

£6.95 £3.95