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Sex Toy materials is an important factor when it comes to buying your adult toys. At Twisted Miss we sell adult products made from various materials and we have set out below some of the most popular of those.


Plastic Material Product

There are lots of sex toys that are are made from plastic or ABS Plastic. It is suitable for smooth surfaced toys and round surfaces. You will find a lot of classic vibrators, bullets and eggs made from different types of plastic. Due to the rigid nature of the slim plastic shell the vibrations from sex toys made of plastic are directly in contact with the skin, which will create a more intense experience than with toys made from materials other than plastic. Hard plastic does not tend to absorb body fluids or react with skin and a sex toy made from plastic or ABS can be used with all lubricants. Plastic is a convenient material for the user. It is smooth and also very easy to clean but these products can have a shorter life span in comparison to products made from other materials. However, this will be reflected in the price of the products and is what can make them the ideal purchase for the first time sex toy user. You can clean Plastic using a wet cloth and mild soap or preferably our recommended sex toy cleaner that also helps kill any bacteria.


PVC Material Product

PVC and Vinyl are still plastic, but a much softer, flexible version. This creates a more natural feel for vibrators and dildos. Probably the bulk of basic vibes are made of this material. You will also find vibrators that require movement – e.g. foreskin vibes and inflatable butt plugs made from this material. In recent years the ability to create sex toy materials with a ‘pearlised’ finish, available in a rainbow of colours has been discovered and so contributes to a lot of the sex toys you will see today. This is extremely attractive and very female friendly. PipeDream Products are a manufacturer that uses PVC and all products made by them are Phthalates Free.


Jely Rubber Material Product

One of the most popular of the sex toy materials in adult toys is Jelly Rubber. It is used particularly in products such as dildos and dongs. Advances in production have lead to this form of rubber. It is essentially clear and so can be coloured to every possible shade. The result is ‘jelly rubber’ and it is extremely popular in the sex toy industry. The female friendly colours, translucent appearance and soft flexible feel make this an attractive material for a whole range of vibrators, dildos, anal toys and more.

Sex Toys made from jelly rubber are perfect for a first time user or a more advanced veteran looking for a new toy to experience. Water or Silicone based lubricants should always be used with Jelly toys as other lubricants, such as silicone based lubes can break down the delicate material, which can cause it to dissolve and will reduce the life span of your product. Extra Care must be taken when cleaning jelly toys due to the porous and delicate nature of the material. The exterior is very porous which can allow bacteria to penetrate the surface and we would encourage you to use our recommended Sex Toy Cleaner for your products. Other products, boiling water, abrasive cleaners or alcohol should never be used as they will dissolve the jelly and destroy your product.


Latex Rubber Material Product

Probably one of the oldest sex toy materials used to manufacture sex toys. Rubber is a natural material and lends itself to soft, flexible sex toys. Traditional rubber is almost always either flesh or black coloured. It can be moulded into quite intricate patterns. Rubber is frequently used for dildos.

The main disadvantage of toys made from latex rubber is the sensitivity that has arisen in recent years to these materials. It is advisable that if you or your partner have any sensitivities or allergies to condoms then you should choose a product made of alternative materials. Latex is soft and pliable but not as malleable as jelly, and is an inexpensive way to start discovering sex toys. It should be taken into consideration that latex and rubber has a shorter longevity than other products on the market though. It also has a distinctive smell which many people regard as a positive feature, adding yet another sensation to their experience. Water based lubricants and silicone based lubricants should always be used when using latex and rubber. Other lubricants should be avoided as it can harm the material. Rubber and latex are very porous which can lead to bacteria contaminating the toy. When cleaning a latex or rubber toy, warm water, gentle soap or a sex toy cleaner should be used. Standard soaps or abrasive cleaners will harm the surface of the toy.


Real Skin Material Product

At the leading edge of rubber manufacture is the development of products designed to mimic the human body. These products are variously described as ‘real-skin’ ‘ero-skin’ ‘cyber-skin’ and suchlike. Cyberskin Rubber is manufactured by TopCo Sales. Sex toys made from real-skin do feel remarkably lifelike and are preferred by many users. You will find vibrators, dildos, masturbators, eggs & bullets all either manufactured from, or covered in, this material.

The feel and sensation comes very close to real life skin. The mix of silicone and plastic gives it a real feel exterior and feels just like real life skin. It responds to warmth and friction while maintaining the hardness needed to give it the feel and appearance of real skin. The realistic appearance and feel of a Cyberskin toy can make it perfect for a first time toy, or for anyone who wants something more realistic in the bedroom.

Silicone based lubricants must not be used with a Cyberskin sex toy, as it can cause the material to melt. A water- based lubricant is the only lubricant suitable. Oils such as baby oil and massage oils can cause discoloration and tearing.

One of the disadvantages of Cyberskin is the nature of the porous exterior, it needs very thorough and delicate cleaning to minimise any contamination from bacteria. A special cleaner should always be used or an antibacterial cleanser designed for the toy. Never use any household cleaning agent as it can severely damage the toy. Once cleaned it is advisable to dry the toy completely. A fine talcum powder should then always be applied in order to retain the toys soft real feel texture. CyberSkin Rubber is a Phthalate Free material. Another of the Real Feel materials is the legendary UR3 Rubber manufactured by Doc Johnson. The material is a fantastic soft rubber that feels remarkably like real skin and is another material that is Phthalates Free.


Silicone Material Product

This material has a great feel – not too soft but not too hard. Silicone toys are hand-poured and it is more of a craftsmen production environment. The material lends itself to fabulous colours, mixed colours, swirls of movement and great creativity from the designers.

The main advantage of Silicone is that it is hypoallergenic, which allows people who have had previous allergic reactions to materials to use them without risk. The non-porous surface also stops bacteria penetrating its surface meaning less chance of infection should the toy not be cleaned properly. One of the best features of silicone is the way it responds to warmth, it slowly warms up to body temperature and retains it. The Smooth texture of the material lessens friction and allows for smooth penetration when used in conjunction with a suited lubricant. Although you must not use silicone based lubricant with a Silicone sex toy as the silicone lubricant can melt the body of the toy. Oil and petroleum based lubricants should be used with caution. A water based lubricant is always a safe bet.

Silicone is more expensive than plastic but offers longevity, hypoallergenic qualities and the ability to be sterilised. The soft and warm exterior is also a wonderful bonus giving new users a softer more gentle first experience. There are variants of silicone in the industry and you will see some manufacturers such as Tantus and Rocks Off Ltd using Ultra Premium Silicone and also Medical Grade Silicone. You will find these adult toys to be a bit more expensive.

Silicone can be easily cleaned and sterilised with hot water or a sex toy cleaner, it can also be boiled to sterilise or cleaned in a dishwasher, although any plastic components should be taken into consideration.


Glass Material Product

Glass sex toys are exploding in popularity, despite their high cost. Glass is a great material for sex toys provided that it is correctly manufactured. Good glass toys are made from medical grade borosilicate glass, sometimes referred to as ‘Pyrex’. Think about the many kitchen saucepans and other glass receptacles that you can actually place directly on the hob or in the oven. And glass is also used in the space shuttle windows. It is pretty tough stuff. Glass is an excellent material to make some of the most attractive and interesting dildos. It can be heated in water or cooled in a fridge or freezer for new experiences. It doesn’t smell, is easy to clean and properly looked after will last a lifetime. Good glass does not come cheap. Each piece is hand-made by a craftsman and it can take up to a day to make one item. Anything with the slightest flaw is rejected. So if you want to play with glass, you must be prepared to pay the price.


Thermo Plastic Rubber Material Product

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers, are a class of copolymers or a physical mix of polymers (usually a plastic and a rubber) which consist of materials with both thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. While most elastomers are thermosets, thermoplastics are in contrast relatively easy to use in manufacturing, for example, by injection molding. Thermoplastic elastomers show both advantages typical of rubbery materials and plastic materials. The principal difference between thermoset elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers is the type of crosslinking bond in their structures. In fact, crosslinking is a critical structural factor which contributes to impart high elastic properties. The crosslink in thermoset polymers is a covalent bond created during the vulcanization process. On the other hand the crosslink in thermoplastic elastomer polymers is a weaker dipole or hydrogen bond or takes place in one of the phases of the material. Theroplastic Rubber or Thermoplastic Elastomer are Phthalate Free.


We want to be able to help our customers as much as possible. If there are any other sex toy materials that you would like to know about then please get in touch with us and we will provide you with as much helpful information as possible.

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