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Cleaning Your Sex Toys

It should go without saying, but proper maintenance and care of your toys is absolutely crucial. Not solely for your health, although that is an important factor; you want your toys to last several intense play sessions, and you want them to retain their effectiveness each and every time. Here is a brief guide to get you in-the-know with how to properly care for your new playthings.

Non-Porous Materials

These include materials such as Silicone, Plastic, Acrylic, Metal, or Glass. As these materials do not directly absorb fluids or bacteria, they are not likely to get trapped in the material. However, a quick clean will not suffice; many external toys will require a thorough going over with a sex toy cleaner, and sanitising them in boiling water after use is an effective way to kill off anything nasty. Make sure to get into the various nooks and crannies to ensure a thorough clean before reusing the toys in question.

Porous Materials

These include materials such as Rubber and Jelly Rubber, Vinyl, Nylon, Leather, and all Real-Feel toys. As the name implies, these materials can absorb fluids and bacteria, meaning they can linger in the intricacies and delicates of these toys for long periods. Obviously, you don’t want that, so a more thorough clean is advised here. Note however that when we say deep clean, we mean in a labour sense; we strongly advice against using stronger cleaning materials, as they may lead to adverse reactions the next time you or your partner use them. Hand soap, boiling water, and a little bit of elbow grease will do the trick.

How Often Should I Change My Toys?

This is a question that comes up when considering sex toy maintenance, and the answer is quite simply to exercise a little common sense. If you look after your toys as we outlined- and in accordance with any enclosed instructions the toy comes with, which we strongly encourage you read thoroughly- then they should see you through a great many sessions for a long, long time. The time for replacement comes when noticeable damage has been sustained- for example, if the batteries have leaked or a non-waterproof toy has sustained severe fluid damage, then it’s time to throw it out and replace it. Like all things in love and pleasure, all it requires is a careful hand and mindful planning.

Simple Things To Bare In Mind

Sometimes we all need a little bit of a reminder for even the simple things, so allow us to give you a little refresher course. As previously outlined, utilising condoms on your toys is a viable way to ensure they don’t become contaminated or damaged, and are particularly recommended with adult toys you are likely to share (such as double ended Dildos). Replacing the toys in the box they originally came in, or in any protective sleeves or containers they may come with, is absolutely vital in helping to keep them sanitised and safe. And finally, treat them as you would treat your lover; with care and a gentle hand. Idly tossing them around or shoving them in places they weren’t designed to go is likely to lead to further damage in a faster timeframe, and the last thing you want or need are damaged toys.

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