To save our customers time shopping around for the best sex toys prices, we are constantly on price match duty and checking our competitors prices so that you don’t have to. We know that our pricing is extremely competitive, but if you should find that another UK shop has the same product cheaper then please let us know.

We have been trading online since 2006 and so are always on the ball when it comes to product pricing. We work extremely hard to ensure that we not only have the most popular sex toys in stock but also that our products are available to our customers at the best possible price.

However, if you should find that one of our products is available for less on another UK website then please let us know so that you can buy it from us at an even better price. All that you need to do is call us on our freephone line on 0800 411 8877 or email and let us know the following details:


1)    The name of the product (and product code if possible) you would like to be price matched

2)    The website that you have seen the product on and its price

3)    Ensure that the product is in stock on the competitors website


1)    The product must be on a UK website

2)    Twisted Miss will not price match items that are available on auction sites like eBay

3)    The product must be in stock on the competitor website

4)    The price promise applies to the product only and not delivery charges

5)    You are able to price match up to 7 days after purchase from us