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Beginners Guide To Vibrators Part 2


Last time, we briefly covered what Vibrators were, and how to make use of them. This time, we’ll be taking a look at the different types of Vibrators you can purchase.

By far and away the best type of Vibrator for beginners on the market. Don’t let the small size fool you; it is, after all, how you use it that matters. The smaller size also makes them far more practical to use between partners, as they’re less likely to obstruct proceedings. It’s best to get a Bullet with multiple settings if possible; the sensations are likely to be extreme for first-timers, and you will need to gradually ease yourself into using Vibrators to get the most enjoyment out of them.

Looking for something that’s specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris? A Clitoral Vibrator is almost certainly up your alley. The head of these Vibrators delivers a greater sensation of pleasure with fixtures that ran the gamut from pointed tips or a cup that circles the clitoris and creates a sucking sensation.

A variation on the Bullet Vibrator, Finger Vibrators feature a small loop in which to insert your finger. This allows you to have a greater degree of, and more precise control of, the amount of pleasure the Vibrator will give you. This leaves the rest of your fingers free to do whatever it is you please to do with them, without sacrificing any enjoyment on your part.

Though similar in concept to clitoral Vibrators- in that the end result is deeper pleasure- these Vibrators are instead designed to stimulate the vaginal G-spot. Said G-spot is considered the most sensitive region of the vagina and is directly connected with ejaculation, so the thicker, curved heads of these Vibrators are more then capable of taking you all the way- and then some.

Now we’re getting into the seriously kinky territory, folks. The Vibrating Love Egg is a small Vibrator designed to fit snugly against the G-spot, and comes with a remote control that is intended to be handed off to a partner. Your pleasure is under the direct control of whoever you’re sharing the night with; if that’s not ample ground for a wild night, we don’t know what is!

This one’s a heft beast; it comprises partially of a vibrating Dildo, and has an additional arm with clitoris-stimulating appendages that resemble rabbit ears- hence the name. Naturally, this means external and internal pleasure to degrees as intense as you see fit; the perfect toy for the serious connoisseur. The rabbit ears are the perfect clit stimulator and this is probably now one of the most famous sex toys on the planet. Often referred to as the Rampant Rabbit or sometimes Jessica Rabbit Vibrators, they are still the biggest selling vibrator at Twisted Miss.

The name is pretty self explanatory; Vibrators, but designed with a backdoor entrance in mind. Anal Play and Anal Sex might seem a tad intimidating, but these Vibrators will allow you (and your partner) to breach that world and explore the intense pleasures it offers. There are even vibrating Anal Beads available, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

We hope you found this brief look into the many kinds of Vibrators informative and entertaining!

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