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We’ve previously broken down some of the more common toys you’re likely to encounter in the boudoir. Now, we’d like to cover some of the more advanced stuff, for the curious and adventurous among you.


This is another type of sex toy you might’ve snickered over among friends. Put simply, it’s a synthetic recreation of a vagina, and could be considered something of a counterpart to Dildos in terms of it’s function and design. Although, much like Dildos, no one Fleshlight is the same; whilst some are fairly basic, you have ones that vibrate, those with more discreet designs, and ones with a soft-skin texture that are as close to the real thing as possible. Speaking of which:

Real-Feel Toys

The name is fairly indicative; they’re toys that are designed to simulate real sexual organs as realistically as possible, for maximum pleasure. These include the prior mentioned Fleshlights, as well as Dildos that simulate Penises down to exact details. There is quite a bit of crossover with other types of toys here as you might imagine- for example, strap on Dildos of a real-feel variety are perfect for those into role reversal play. This also means that Real-Feel toys are not solely the domain of single parties up for a night of private entertain. If you and/or your partner are looking for the next best thing to the real deal, this is it.

Bondage Toys

This a far broader topic we hope to cover in further detail in the future, but suffice to say, these include more then just Handcuffs (although we recommend beginners start with those, or possibly Ticklers and Blindfolds). Nipple Clamps, Cock Cages, Leather Collars/Leashes and Harnesses, and of course the ever favoured Whips (of which there are several types), any toy that is designed to illicit a pleasurable amount of pain in a safe way would fall under this bracket. This is the domain of the wildly kinky, so it’s best to ease your way into Bondage toys carefully and test how far you’re willing to take things.

We fully plan to cover each of these types of toys in full detail in the very near future; for now, we hope these brief breakdowns have whet your appetite substantially.

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