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Silent and Quiet Vibrators


Good afternoon my favourite boys and girls! I hope that you all got out on the right side of the bed today…and we all know how the best ways start. Women, do yourself a favour and please your man in the morning; if you do that, he’ll be wrapped round your finger for the rest of the day…trust me! And if he isn’t; find a man that will be!
This week, the absolute minx-bags over at Twisted Miss asked me to write an article about silent & quiet vibrators. So, I thought what would be better than to try to use vibrators in risqué places and write about my experiences? Yes? I thought you may like that idea! So, I took two different products to a couple of different locations to truly put them to the test….;)

Public Toilets

First up I took one of my favourite bullet vibrators into the public toilets at my local spa. I always feel lovely and relaxed after my treatments, so I thought it would be the perfect place to test out a quiet vibrator with women constantly flooding in and out of the toilets. I’ll just quickly let you know that I get very turned on doing naughty things in public places; the feat of being caught just sends me out of control! Sitting on the toilet I got the bullet out, switched it on and started rubbing it all over my clitoris; slowly massaging my pussy as I did so. I heard many people wander in and out of the toilets; I actually found myself making more noise than my bullet! After about five minutes I climaxed and walked out of the toilet without a care in the world; feeling utterly relaxed 😉

Parents House

In my parents’ house, I sleep adjacent to their room. This rules out a lot of the loud sex that Hugh and I have – which is a mighty shame since we are at it like rabbits most of the time! However, it keeps things exciting when you can make as little noise as possible. So, one night whilst staying over I started to please Hugh in his favourite way with my mouth until I got his full attention, I then jumped on top of him in a 69 position and got him to use the Alise Vibrating Massager on me. Hugh & I placed a little wager of a hundred pounds on who was to make a noise first. As the Alias stroked me inside and out, I actually realised how quiet it actually was. For fifteen minutes we purred noiselessly, however – I know the secret to making Hugh cum instantly….;)
….The day after I spent a lovely hundred pounds on online shopping! Hooray! With the vibrator being that quiet, my old parents would have needed special hearing powers to have heard those buzzing frequencies….however they were probably at it themselves! Ew!
All in all babes, you should all look at investing in a vibrator which you can use which leaves you stress free about the noise. When you masturbate you should ideally be in a relaxed state; when you are worrying about who can hear you it can sometimes prevent you from reaching orgasm. You want to be like a sexy ninja; no-one should know you’re there, but you’re aware of everyone at the same time 😉

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