Femintimate Pelvix Muscle Trainer


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It is a completely natural therapy based on exercise performance of pelvic floor muscles by gradually increasing weights. PELVIX CONCEPT enables us request states that want to strengthen the area, indeed it is often very difficult to feel and activate the pelvic muscle group specifically. Using PELVIX CONCEPT , stimulation naturally gets a reflex causing the pelvis to counter gravity. 1. The special shape of Pelvix facilitates the attachment to the vaginal walls. 2. Pelvix angle conforms to the pelvic musculature. 3. Pelvix is designed to facilitate insertion into the vagina. The object is entirely coated in high-quality silicone, which is biotolerable and very smooth to the touch. The special feature of the PELVIX is the movement of the weights inside it. This characteristic stimulates blood circulation, a major factor in muscle toning. REMOVAL CORD: Nylon, coated with medical silicone. REAR: angled in order to be comfortable when the muscles contract. MIDDLE: ribbed to adapt to the vaginal wall. FRONT: tapered to aid insertion.

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