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Clitoral Hummer Vibrator Review

By 17th October 2017October 19th, 2017No Comments

Good morning, afternoon and evening to all you seductive creatures!

Today I am giving you my thoughts on the California Exotics Waterproof Clitoral Hummer Vibrator. I’ll kick off with saying that anything I can use in the bath or shower to help alleviate a long days’ worth of stress has automatically earned some gold star brownie points. A perfectly run bath, a glass of bubbly, a dirty book and my favourite bath toys (including my little yellow duck!) are all I need to unwind after a long and hard day at work.

Lucky for me I have got a Jacuzzi bath tub also! Little treat that my Hugh bought me a few years back for my birthday….oh we’ve had some great times in it rubbing our bodies up against each other, with the bubbles going places they probably shouldn’t….

…I deviate! Anyway, so basically the sexy guys over at Twisted Miss sent me the ‘Waterproof Clitoral Hummer’ (what a mouthful aye 😉 ) and instantly I opened it up to see what batteries it required. After slotting 2 rechargeable AAs into the toy, I gave it a little test drive in my belly button – call me weird, but I love the sensation! I instantly discovered a great feature of this toy; that the rotating base was directly indicative of how powerful you wanted the vibrations – complete control! Just what I like.

Waterproof Clitoral Hummer Vibrator

Now, sometimes when a sex toy says it is ‘waterproof’; that needs to be taken with a pinch of salt. However, I can confirm that with the clitoral hummer (that after many uses in one day!) that it is completely waterproof – and it works very well underwater also.

Actually, I’d say instead of using it for a quickie in the shower, utilize it fully in the bath….for when you are fully relaxed, you will ready and open to experience a whole new world of pleasure.

Unlike adult toys like the Jessica rabbit which are designed to fry your vagina’s pleasure circuits in 2 minutes flat; the clitoral hummer is best used as a stepping stone in combination with other waterproof toys (or a big juicy manhood!).

I recommend starting with the hummer, and moving onto something a bit stronger after! Don’t get me wrong you sassy scoundrels, I thoroughly enjoyed getting down and naughty for the waterproof clitoral hummer review, the hummer is good – but after about five minutes or so you may require something a bit more powerful to knock your screaming socks off.

Now, sorry to leave you – but all this talk of getting wet and wild in the tub is quite frankly….well…requiring some lathering loving….
I’ll leave you to your imagination on this one 😉